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Personal Allowance

Tax Breaks: How The 2013 Budget Will Affect The Man On The Street

20th March 2013

Chancellor George Osborne announced the details of his 2013 Budget today – detailing changes to taxes and investments in a bid to boost the economy and reduce unemployment. The headline news is the raising of the personal tax free allowance to £10,000 to be introduced a year earlier than anticipated. It will now come into place in April 2014. This is good more

Non-Residents and Personal Allowance

22nd February 2013

If you are non-resident, but are still receiving income taxable in the UK (such as from employment, rental, or interest or dividends), you may be entitled to the same amount of tax-free personal allowance as UK residents receive. Whether you are entitled to it or not depends on your nationality and country of residence. Those entitled to it include: -          All nationals more