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Director Salary 2023/24

24th April 2023

Director shareholders are often recommended to extract income from their limited company via a  combination of salary and dividends.  This typically involves paying a relatively low salary at either the Primary Threshold (PT) or Secondary  Threshold (ST) for class 1 NICs but why is this and what would be the consequences of extracting a  higher […]

Working Remotely Abroad: What Are The Tax Implications

15th March 2023

Are you considering working remotely abroad but are unsure of what the tax implications may be? As remote work continues to gain popularity even after the pandemic, more people are choosing to work remotely abroad. This blog will explore the various tax implications for digital nomads and those working remotely abroad. Digital nomads The term, […]

Cryptocurrency Terminology: Slippage, Staking, FUD & DeFi

16th December 2021

There’s lots of cryptocurrency terminology out there but if you’re struggling to get your head around it all, don’t worry – we have you covered. In this blog we explain what is slippage, staking, FUD and DeFi in crypto.