Jury Duty Expenses

| 21st February 2013

If you are called for jury duty, you can claim a certain amount of expenses for things like travel, lunch and refreshments, and loss of earnings.

Your employer has to let you attend the jury duty. They do not have to pay you for the time taken off, however. If they do not pay you, then you can make a claim to the court for loss of earnings. The current amounts you can claim are listed here.

Whether or not you have to pay tax on the money received as loss of earnings depends on whether you are employed or self-employed.

If you are employed, there is no tax to pay on the amount claimed.

If you are self-employed, some will be taxable. The daily ‘loss of earnings’ amount listed in the link above is considered business income, and is therefore taxable. Any daily subsistence or travel expenses reimbursed are not taxable. For more information, look here.

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