Sportech may have scored the winning goal in VAT case against HMRC

11th May 2016

Online gambling and entertainment company Sportech have recently seen a rise in their share price after winning a major seven year court battle with HMRC. The case originates from the ambiguity of the football pools trade that Sportech runs. This particular gambling trade was extremely popular prior to the introduction of the national lottery, however as the latter offered a more

Reduced-rate VAT on building services when converting premises to a different residential use

26th April 2016

If you have ever looked in to the rules surrounding reduced- or zero-rate VAT and the building and construction industry (if you haven’t then it is an excellent way of spending a Saturday afternoon), you will have no doubt noticed that it is a veritable rabbit hole of specific situations, qualifying conditions, requirements and exclusions. Therefore I have taken it more

Zero Hour Contracts – not as clear cut as you might think

31st March 2016

Zero hour contracts can be beneficial to both employees and employers; employees may not be able to commit to a full-time position due to other responsibilities, whilst employers may want the flexibility of having the minimum number of staff working that are needed to cope with varying levels of demand. As a result they are very popular in businesses such more

Last Minute Tax Filing

20th January 2016

Now that the Christmas tree has been removed and the decorations packed away, it’s that time to face the dreaded task you’ve been putting off all year – your personal tax return. For those of you doing this for the first time, it might seem daunting, but we will hopefully ease some of that and run you through the whole process more

The Cycle to Work Scheme Explained

5th January 2016

The New Year’s resolution is an age-old tradition whereby, at the start of a new calendar year, people set themselves a goal (or sometimes multiple goals if they are feeling particularly greedy), be it changing an aspect of their lives or perhaps achieving an objective. Invariably, the life-span of the average New Year’s resolution is similar to that of the more

Autumn Statement – Digital Tax Accounts

1st December 2015

One of the announcements in this week’s Autumn Statement is the planned introduction of digital tax accounts. 10 million individuals and 5 million small businesses will be the first to have access to their accounts from early 2016, and by 2020 the rollout will include all individuals in the UK. The digital accounts will essentially be a ‘one stop shop’ for more

Tips and Taxes – are you playing by the rules?

27th August 2015

A tip or gratuity is an amount of money that is paid, voluntarily, by a customer or client in addition to the sum they are required to pay for the good or service they have received. The voluntary aspect is the key distinction between a tip and service charge, which is compulsory. If you work in an industry in which more