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Businesses warned of Auto Enrolment exemption scam

31st July 2017

Some employers have reportedly been caught out after spending £58 on ‘Certificates of Auto Enrolment Exemption’ that are actually a scam. The appeal of the certificates is that, for a relatively small fee, the employer is told they will be exempt from any and all Auto Enrolment duties. However, such an exemption does not exist for (almost) all employers. Therefore as more

Pensions – A Summary (Part 1)

27th December 2012

Whatever age you are, it is never too early to start thinking about saving for the future. Many people will find that their state pension will not provide enough income to sustain the lifestyle that they are used to. So how can this be prevented? The first thing to understand is that there are many different options available in order to more

Q & A

10th October 2012

In this week’s blog, we thought we would take a breather from the weighty topics that have been covered recently (such as foreign tax implications, and buying vs hire purchase) and answer some general questions that we’ve received over the past few months. Some of these, you may note, have been discussed in previous blog posts. Q: My company has received more