annual return

Scary letter from Companies House

13th July 2012

================================================================ Companies HouseAnnual return reminder - Urgent Action required.Dated 24 June 2012 Company Name xxxxx Ltd Company number XXXXXXXYour annual return is due for filing. It should be made up to 28 June 2012 and must be delivered to Companies House no later than 26 Jul 2012.Please note that you cannot file the annual return before the made up date unless more

Tax update – week ended 20 August 2010

25th August 2010

Update 1. Employers lending cycles to employees The HMRC ordinarily taxes loans of cars, equipment etc. as a "benefit in kind". Essentially the benefit of this loan is considered part of the employee's wages. This is generally subject to income tax (20%/40%) and national insurance both for employers (12.8% national insurance) and employees (11% national insurance)Lending a cycle (and helmet) to more