Scary letter from Companies House

| 13th July 2012

Companies House

Annual return reminder – Urgent Action required.

Dated 24 June 2012

Company Name xxxxx Ltd
Company number XXXXXXX

Your annual return is due for filing. It should be made up to 28 June 2012 and must be delivered to Companies House no later than 26 Jul 2012.

Please note that you cannot file the annual return before the made up date unless you are changing the made up date.

So has anybody received the above? Our guess is that almost all of you (company owners) have. We’ll venture that it worried you a little too?

Our issue is not with the fact that a reminder is coming. That is all very nice and efficient. Our problem is with the use of the words “Urgent reminder” bolded with a red letter highlight screaming at you.

Our problem is with typically conscientious (and busy) clients calling us in a panic worrying that they are about to have their companies struck off.

Perhaps look a little closer at the above. The date of the letter is before the filing date. Below it tells you that you can’t in fact file the annual return without changing the made up date (which ordinarily you wouldn’t do).

So why on earth is that tone necessary? We would guess that there are thousands of unnecessary phone calls made as a result of (an easy) misunderstanding of the above letter.

We think Companies House are helpful and efficient generally and far easier to deal with than HMRC. On this occasion though we have no idea what they are thinking!

Our message to company owners if you receive the above letter. Don’t panic, set a calendar reminder for the made up date of your annual return and file it/ask your accountant to file it.


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