What Clients Say

If you need assistance from a small business accountant in London, we’re here to help. Here’s what some of our clients have said about our service.


“They have the complete range of services that I need as a small business entrepreneur. Everything accountancy/business/tax related of course but also a good grasp of relevant legal and administrative matters”

Start-ups, Company and LLP formations

“what I wanted to know was which structure suited my business idea best given my circumstances. They not only advised me in laymen’s terms what was best and why, they set it up for free and liaised with a bank to speed that up too. All in the same afternoon”


“as someone with a lot of expenses I need to know what is claimable – especially the grey areas. I also need to know if there is anything I’m missing – things like whether I should be flat rate or whether a second business should be VAT-able. My queries are usually answered instantly. Moreover, they are usually on to me first. I need my accountant to be on the ball”

Tax advice

“Their knowledge of inheritance tax really prevented my mum and us making unnecessarily bad decisions. For a few hours work Hasib has saved us potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds”

Annual account and taxation

“As a family we have 6 different businesses held in different structures and proportions. Howlader & Co take care of everything, remind us which papers to bring and when. We have never ever been late for submitting anything. We’re the kind of people that leave things to the last minute so we need a little pushing now and then. The main thing is that they don’t blind us with science. They ask us questions, deliver quickly and then go through and explain the accounts properly at the end.”

Enquiries and investigation

“When this enquiry started I was with another accountant. I felt that my life was in her hands and she wasn’t filling me with confidence. I had heard about Howlader & Co though my friend so I thought I’d give them a go. After a free consultation where I laid my cards on the table I got the immediate impression that at the very least my dialogue with HMRC would be smoother. It is their practical empathetic approach that really helped me. I’ve moved my entire business operations to them.”

On site bookkeeping

“I just courier the invoices and statements to them once a quarter and see them once a year. Have been doing this for the last 10 years – quite happy with this. When I need to know anything or explain anything I don’t like emails. I just pick up the phone. Problem solved.”
SI, retailer


“Howlader & Co’s payroll service is constantly developing – recent changes I’ve seen (some of which I requested) are secure emailed payslips, holiday pay quarterly, pulling in data from my server. They offer the same service as a bureau but this way I get to keep it all in-house and the price is competitive too. The speed of service is exceptional.”

Off site bookkeeping

“We don’t have the time to move away from our desk for even a minute. We don’t want our papers to be away from our office for a minute. We don’t want to employ a full-time bookkeeper – we need someone to come in, do the books and leave swiftly. While they are in the office they ask us what they need to ask us. Arrangement works quite well for us.”
MT, commercial broker.

Private Equity

“we are a private family trust based off-shore. We needed someone to take care of accounts, VAT, VAT registration, bookkeeping, non resident company returns, payroll, reporting to auditors and dealing with their queries. Howlader & Co manage all of the above efficiently.”

Doctors and dentists

“as a Locum GP I find that they understand my profession inside out. I have recommended several of my associates to them”

IT contractors

“They explained the basics of IR35 vs managed service companies – and have simplified the process of producing proper accounts.”
HR, contractor

Schools and colleges

“Howlader & Co has been with us since our opening days almost a decade ago and they have seen the multitude of changes affecting colleges in London. Our bookkeeping is revolutionised and they take the time to explain to us the minutiae of our accounting records – essential for our understanding.”
AR, director


“I undertook the subway trainee programme in 2007 and now have 2 flourishing stores in Waterloo and Southbank. Howlader & Co have been on board since before we even formed the company. The franchise sector is far from simple and it is critical that any accountant is fully aware of the nuances. I have recommended them to my fellow franchisees”
Vinesh Patel, subway franchisee


“I am involved in 4 different restaurants and they all have different business models. Howlader & Co have been with me since I started 15 years ago. In terms of their service, I couldn’t ask for more.”
MA, restaurateur

Retailers and wholeseller

“We have a lot of international purchases and are a growing brand. Suppliers demand robust thorough accounts. Howlader & Co provide this at short notice. They know I need fast turnarounds and they deliver.”
SI, retailer

Car dealership

“I’ve been with them since I took over this business. The early days were crucial. They helped me work through a few operational issues that were affecting my P & L at the time. What I really appreciated was the fact that Hasib was prepared to do this at very unsocial hours (past midnight on a Wednesday night – as I had a late finish myself). I can vouch for their commitment!”
RB, Porsche repairs.


“The charity I am involved with has been with Howlader & Co for nearly two decades. They are helpful in processing our payroll and dealing with the auditors when producing the accounts. What they really set out to do is reduce my audit fees by minimising the amount of work the auditors need to do. This would not be possible without an in-depth knowledge of the charity field.”
RJ, Founder Executive Director.

Other sectors

“We are a tattoo parlour on the top of Brick Lane. When looking for an accountant we were quoted thousands of pounds to complete our first partnership accounts. We came across Howlader & Co – who had a look our orderly papers. They suggested a few changes (which we made). The fee that was reasonable and realistic and the service was so fast!” GM &
MM, Partners

Private Equity(Sector)

“we are a private family trust based off-shore. We needed someone to take care of accounts, VAT, VAT registration, bookkeeping, non resident company returns, payroll, reporting to auditors and dealing with their queries. Howlader & Co manage all of the above efficiently.”

Engineering company finance and book keeping

“When I started my engineering company finance and book keeping was my weak point. Howlader & Co’s accountants show me how to file myaccounts and explained what confusing terms and rules meant. They’ve always had time for me both over the phone and in person.”
Glen Searle, Managing director

Dentistry market

“the dentistry market is its own specialism – and Hasib takes a keen interest in the changes in regulatory environment. I feel that I had been unsure about my tax payments previously and unsure about the way it was worked out, until meeting you and now have full confidence in knowing that it is being done correctly. Also that you spend time personally explaining tax benefits available, and how to manage my finances.”
PB, dental practitioner.

Rental accounts

“I have a rental property. I prefer not to get too involved with the admin side of things so Howlader & Co get it done for me at a reasonable fee. And I feel I understand the process once it is done.”
RK, Aldgate

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