Howlader & Co – accountancy firm in London

| 23rd April 2013

Looking for a London accountant you can trust? Look no further.

At Howlader & Co we are fast, efficient and always fight our client’s corner – but you’d be shocked at some of the horror stories we hear.

We’ve had to battle with HMRC to ensure one of our clients received hundreds of thousands of pounds that went missing after a blunder by their previous accountant.

Another was about to get an £800 penalty which would have led to her company being struck off and her being deported because she wouldn’t have been able to certify her earnings!

Fortunately we could help in both cases and it’s our attention to detail that ensures we get most of our business from referrals.

If you’re looking for trusted chartered accountants in London to help you steer clear of nightmares like these, we’re here to help.

Call us on 020 7488 3614 if you’d like some free advice – you’ll speak to an accountant in seconds.

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