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What difference will the 2013 Autumn Statement make to you?

5th December 2013

Chancellor George Osborne will cop his fair share of flak in tomorrow’s newspapers after the announcement the rise in the pensionable age to 68 will be brought forward to the mid-2030s. However, there is a lot more to Mr Osborne’s Autumn Statement than that – with various measures that may or may not affect you. As always there are winners and losers more

Possible Capital Gains Tax for foreign buyers of UK properties

18th November 2013

George Osborne is rumoured to be considering introducing a tax for overseas buyers of UK properties, bringing the UK in line with many other European countries. Word on the grapevine is the Chancellor may announce the policy in his Autumn Statement, due next month. Currently, property owners who live in the UK pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) of either 18% or 28% more