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Helpful FAQs: Do’s and don’ts when forming a limited company

8th August 2013

Thinking of forming a limited company but don’t know where to start? You aren’t the only one. Our team of experts have compiled a handy list of commonly-asked questions about anything and everything you need to know – including what your obligations are, how to change your details and what you need to pay. Don’t […]

CGT – Entrepreneurs Relief

27th May 2013

Entrepreneurs Relief is a CGT relief available to taxpayers who sell or give away their businesses. Effectively, qualifying gains are taxed at 10%, rather than the normal rates (18%, 28%). It is available to the following people: Sole traders and partners selling the whole or part of their business. Company directors/employees selling a material stake […]

What is the SA302 form – why you need it if you’re self-employed

9th May 2013

When buying a house, applying for a mortgage or bank loan, the process is normally straightforward. If you are employed, the lender will want to see some evidence that you are able to make the repayments – and will want to see the payslips and, occasionally, your bank statements. If you are self-employed, however, the situation is a […]

Howlader & Co – accountancy firm in London

23rd April 2013

Looking for a London accountant you can trust? Look no further. At Howlader & Co we are fast, efficient and always fight our client’s corner – but you’d be shocked at some of the horror stories we hear. We’ve had to battle with HMRC to ensure one of our clients received hundreds of thousands of […]