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Helpful FAQs: Do’s and don’ts when forming a limited company

8th August 2013

Thinking of forming a limited company but don’t know where to start? You aren’t the only one. Our team of experts have compiled a handy list of commonly-asked questions about anything and everything you need to know – including what your obligations are, how to change your details and what you need to pay. Don’t say we don’t look after you. Q: What more

Horror stories involving nightmare accountants

23rd July 2013

Fish and chips, bride and groom, knife and fork... some things just work better together. Whoever heard of Laurel without Hardy? Where would Torvill be without Dean? You get the picture. It is crucial you and your accountant work as a team too. We’ve heard countless stories about accountants who act like they are working against their clients – not with more

What is Stamp Duty Land Tax and how does it work?

20th June 2013

Stamp duty – or to give it its official title Stamp Duty Land Tax – is a tax on the purchase of land and property. It is calculated as a percentage of the ‘chargeable consideration’ – anything of economic value paid by the purchaser – above various thresholds. The table below (taken from the HMRC site) outlines the thresholds for more

CGT – Entrepreneurs Relief

27th May 2013

Entrepreneurs Relief is a CGT relief available to taxpayers who sell or give away their businesses. Effectively, qualifying gains are taxed at 10%, rather than the normal rates (18%, 28%). It is available to the following people:

  • Sole traders and partners selling the whole or part of their business.
  • Company directors/employees selling a material stake in a trading company.
    • Material stake means that the more