HMRC phishing scams

29th April 2013

The criminals are getting more sophisticated. Whereas previously, scammers attempting to get your personal information used the “Nigerian prince” email, more recently we have had reports from local accountants of people receiving emails purporting to be from HMRC, saying they are eligible for a tax rebate.

As mentioned previously, in our blog here, HMRC are not known for their generous nature when repayments are due.  The emails that the scammers are using look very much like the real thing, and even appear to be sent from the genuine HMRC computer generated email address “”.

The emails typically will either ask for you to reply with your permanent details, or have a hyperlink to fill in your details. Occasionally, the email will contain an attachment to download a Trojan to your computer (which will log your computer usage and find your personal information that way).

Needless to say, you should not fall for these scams, and do not give your details, even if you think you are due a tax rebate. HMRC will never ask for your personal information through email.

If you have any question about your tax rebate please contact your accountant / HMRC (0845 900 0444) directly.